Wednesday, May 30, 2007

TB-infected "man"

Why is no news organization reporting his name? Surely, finding the name cannot be hard, and what does it say about the news media that they cannot do the research - apparently - to produce the name while relying simply on relaying what the government and health people tell them?

After posting the preceding paragraph, CNN - no doubt putting dozens of sidewalk-friendly reporters on the assignment - has just reported that the "man" is a lawyer who practices in the Atlanta, GA area. What a breakthrough and how embarrassing for the news business.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"IPI Says Cartoonist Arrested in Vienna over Poster Carrying Image of President Putin" - But what position does IPI take on the arrest?

This report, if accurate - based on unnamed "information provided to the" IPI - seems to take no position on what appears to be a gross restriction on free expression by police in Vienna. I wonder if the hesitancy to protest - or so it seems - might have something to do with the undisclosed but rumored financial relationship/support between IPI and the City of Vienna? This would be an excellent time to disclose the details of all money and privileges extended to IPI because of its headquarters location in Vienna.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Developing world news

Surely, there have to be some ways - as yet unused - to increase the interest among people in the US in the news of the developing world. Is it time to start a new initiative in this area? I am tired of news in the US that always makes one person in the US the equal of 20 or 40 or hundreds of people in other countries....whether it be natural disasters, wars, or even good news.