Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting it wrong

My wife and I have had three experiences in recent days where reporters covering stories have simply gotten far too much wrong in what they wrote. It's a cause for journalistic concern.
One was an article in the Triangle Business Journal that identified my wife's organization as based in Durham when it is located, and always has been, in Chapel Hill.
A second, also concerning that organization, was in the Chapel Hill News. This time, very important issues of geography and statistics simply were wrong in the story.
Finally, a story in the Herald-Sun referring to the Obey Creek property in Chapel Hill made factual errors of considerable importance.
None of these three had been corrected at last check.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Poll Finds Disapproval of Record Collection, but Little Personal Concern -

"Suspects" and "people living in foreign countries", eh? They don't count as much as non-suspects and people living in the US?

 "However, three-quarters said they approved of the government’s tracking phone records of Americans suspected of terrorist activity. Nearly the same number approved of the United States’ monitoring the Internet activities of people living in foreign countries."

Measure to Curb Sexual Assault in Military to Be Cut From Bill -

It's time for Sen. LEVIN to be cut free from the Senate; I hope Michigan voters will oblige. This is a very bad decision he has made, and it undermines my previous support for him. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other (9780465031467): Sherry Turkle: Books

How many "foreigners" does it take to make an "American" or US citizen?

The frequent assurances to us US citizens that none of the surveillance is really aimed at us, or at least the most intrusive elements, bothers me for a special reason. I cannot abide by the notion that somehow "we" "Americans" (is that citizens of the US or citizens of any American country which extends all the way to the southern tips of Argentina and Chile?) are deserving of greater legal protection than are the "lesser washed" who do do not enjoy US citizenship.
Why should we view the world as having two classes of people in it - US citizens and all the rest? We get protected and, for the rest, they just wind up in holding cells, jails and prisons - or worse - with few of the safeguards that "we" enjoy.
How can anyone who believes in equality buy that argument? I cannot.
And then consider my situation. I am a US citizen, resident in the US, but am also an Irish citizen with part-time residency in France. I am not just one or the other - "foreigner" or "American"; I am both. 

Northern Ireland Town Freshens Up Before Group of 8 Meeting -