Saturday, December 06, 2008

"Worldwide, Employment on a Sharp Decline" -

This is a very informative and chilling story about unemployment trends here and around the world in both the manufacturing and service sectors.

Despite everything that has happened in web-based services, and specifically on the site, there is NOTHING here that in anyway helps a reader/customer who would like to see next month's (if that is when it comes) update of this chart. Why cannot the NYTimes offer either a link to the place where it will appear or at least promise to send me an e-mail if and when the Times chooses to publish an update on this story? Instead, the person reading this story in the paper and/or viewing it here comes up against a deadend. That, increasingly, seems to me to be incredibly short-sighted when it so relatively easily can be fixed with great value delivered to all in the process.

Monday, December 01, 2008

"Survey of teens reveals entrenched habits of dishonesty — stealing, lying, and cheating rates climb to alarming rates" - Josephson Institute

"Presto - Send email and photos to people who don't have a computer"

This service continues to intrigue me, but I think it is just too expensive to be a viable substitute for home newspaper delivery unless heavily supported by advertisers, but why not? Imagine if a newspaper stops printing and distributing the Monday paper, for example - a real possibility, and offers one of these printers in its place at no cost; all you have to do is pay for the paper and ink? There is some value in thinking of having 8-10 pages printed out next to the breakfast coffee in the morning. Many newspapers tried this with faxed editions but they did not work out all that well. The difference here could be the quality of the color printing and a tailoring of the content in those 8-10 pages BOTH in terms of advertising and news.