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Senator HAGAN

I listened to her speak today in Raleigh. Among other things, she said her four favorite words are "Made in North Carolina". Well, that may be, but I have a lot of problems with that at least as the idea is presented today. What a hodgepodge of stuff we produce! Look around any store selling anything and point out the NC products. Try it; it's depressing. Are we really proud of all this? I think we are the second biggest growers of turkeys, but I've never noticed an NC label on any bird for sale. Why? But what really got me upset was her saying that in negotiations on a Pacific Rim trade zone, she is fighting to be sure that North Carolina tobacco farmers are not injured by any agreement. How can we possibly square helping the rest of the world when we are sending them a product "Made in North Carolina" that makes people addicts and stands a pretty good chance of killing them?

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The Inequality of Climate Change -

Another reason why the critics very much speak for themselves.

Unlearning Gun Violence -

We have too many guns, period.

The Extra Legroom Society -

We all ought to look at this more closely.

The Extra Legroom Society -

We all ought to look at this more closely.

NC Congress Members Lobby USDA To Not Sequester Tobacco Buyout Money | WUNC

There is no moral basis for supporting the growing of tobacco. Period.

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Where the Money Goes: By County

What would this amount have been if all of the money spent on lottery tickets had been distributed?

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In Massachusetts, Health Care Prices Remain Hard To Get : Shots - Health News : NPR

I think making us better consumers or medical care, and health insurance, is nowhere near as important as I think it should be.

Era Fades for Helping Hand at the Washroom Sink -

It is interesting to think of so many services and civilities that have gone into history for better or worse.