Friday, June 24, 2011

Let’s Make a Deal, Amazon Tells Texas -

Why does the word bribery so quickly come to mind?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ads with no connections?

This ad appears now on the home page as I access it in Nice, France. I moused over it, and wanted to know more about the prize. No contact link here. Nothing comes up in Bing search, and the website for BNP is hopeless. Shouldn't the NYT better connect us customers with NYT advertisers, every one of them?

Come Meet the Author, but Be Prepared to Open Your Wallet -

I always thought this made a lot of sense. Now the independent bookstores have to offer e-book options at the same time on all of the possible readers. One ought not have to buy a printed book in this situation.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

It seems somehow quite astounding, as I sit here in France, that Current TV seems to have made no provision for how it can offer me the new Keith OLBERMANN show. When I say "offer", I mean on their terms. They have not figured out a way to give it to me with advertising for which they receive payment and the advertiser gets my eyes. Nor have they figured out a way to offer it to me such that I pay them directly for each show or a subscription.

What's the barrier?

This is all they say:

"If you missed the show, it'll be replayed at 11/10c and we’ll be posting video clip highlights on our webpage:"

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Guide to the Greek crisis | Reuters

Which newspaper has set up the best wiki-style summary like this one, and is committed to keeping it up to date? If no newsppaer is doing so, then to what source that is are any newspapers making a link?

French newspapers and US newspapers - ever heard of one another?

It's bad enough that most US newspapers, and most French newspapers, would not dream of adding links (most of the time) to any other newspaper in their country for a different perspective, added depth or breadth on a story. In some ways, it's even worse when they refuse to do this across the sea.
The Dominique STRAUSS-KAHN case is a perfect example, and perhaps the best. Sure, the articles and the source materials in some cases appear in languages other than the first language of most of their cusotmers, but what's to be lost (and how much ot be gained!) by giving customers a chance - using various online translation tools if necessary - to see how the "other side" of the Atlantic is reporting the case. It's complicated for people in each country to understand the other's criminal justice system in all its aspects, and why not pull out all the stops - add all the links - in order to give readers their best shot at comprehending the full story? Isn't that what newspapers are supposed to do? If I have time, I will add some examples. This morning, here in France, I heard a report on French radio of the release of the prosecution's summary of events at the time of STRAUSS-KAHN's arrest. The announcer said that the full text was on the Europe1 website. English, French, links to anything else?

That same document as posted on the NYTimes site, and on Europe1.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

High-Tech Tools for Customer Service -

How many newspapers are doing this sort of thing?

Ron Johnson, Apple Stores Chief, to Lead J.C. Penney -

Imagine what he might do if hired to takeover Newspapers, Inc (i.e., the newspaper business)?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NPR reporter: ‘You know you cannot tape my speech’ | Poynter.

The growing arrogance of NPR people on and off air is getting really irritating. Many of them are very good, but none of them is that good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

‘The Waste Land’ by App -

This is fascinating!

Imagine if every newspaper story did the same?

Why exactly can we not access the same thing - paying the same price - on the web?

Russian Fugitive Buys 20 Percent of Israeli Daily -

It's the ad , "stupid". This story is of interest, but as interesting as it is, the banner ad on the page caught my eye even more:

When Food Kills -

"Yet while the terrorist attacks of 2001 led us to transform the way we approach national security, the deaths of almost twice as many people annually have still not generated basic food-safety initiatives."
Think about that the next time you spend a half hour going through the ridiculous TSA inspections in order to get on an airplane.

Friday, June 03, 2011


In three separate reports today, I heard what very different things were worth in a marketplace where price is determined by the buyer. Not sure what to make of this....
+ $43,000 USD paid by an Asian person on the web for a bottle of 200 year old champagne found at the bottom of the sea (near Finland, I think)
+ $25 USD the new suggested admission fee to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
+ A kidney to get an iPad2 and a laptop for a Chinese teenager

E. coli: Treatments and drugs -

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hands Off Our Houses -

This is such a crying need; we need to work harder at creative solutions to the core problem. I believe the answer lies in a little bit of several ideas, but remain bullish on the concept of modular building practices.

Casey B. Mulligan: Listing Gun Owners Might Help Criminals -

For me, transparency, and its importance in our society, trumps all of the arguments presented here.