Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Haitian media casualties and damages mount, CPJ says" - Journalism in the Americas

"correspondents in haiti" - Google Search

I wonder if anyone is keeping track of "foreign" reporters in Haiti - as well as Haitian journalists - who are reporting on Haiti both for Haitians and for the rest of us .... and where they are physically located or based?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Supreme Court decision on campaign spending

I am troubled by the knee-jerk response of so many thoughtful people to the Supreme Court's decision on campaign spending. Yes, there is a certain inequity when those who have more money, spend that money to speak more loudly than others. But the same thing happens in a small group when one speaker speaks more loudly or perhaps more convincingly than others.

It is simply inconsistent with our system of freedom of expression to attempt to restrict the speech of anyone, person, corporation (or any other organization), or country. We have staked our all on the principle that out of a diversity of views, the truth shall emerge.

What is dropped from these knee-jerk reaction criticizing the Court's decision is a recognition that they are opposing, in so doing, this time-honored and fundamental tradition that we are better off with the largest number of opinions expressed and discussed. I fear that underlying these complaints is a belief that our fellow citizens are unable or at least unwilling to sort through voices big and little, loud and quiet, rich and poor and to come up with decisions based on all these choose to watch, read or hear.

If we give up that confidence, we give up confidence in democracy. I choose to take my chances with unfettered speech and my fellow citizens. And you?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"World’s News Media Enters Port-au-Prince" - Media Decoder Blog -

It is hard to figure out if this parachute assault on Haiti is a good thing or not. Can't CBS find some really good reporters to send instead of the entertainers from the Today Show? Other than showing awful pictures of devastation, what is this coverage teaching us?

"Haiti En Marche"

Another newspaper with which to establish a meaningful link.

"Editorial - Haiti" -

We ought to establish a media program to help Haiti. Not just its media, but media on which we can all rely in the US, other countries and, above all, of course, in Haiti. We should be looking for ways to make the very short distance from the US to Haiti in miles be even less measured in electronic information and services, above all, those that involve reliable and professional media content.

Starting with the country's newspapers is where I would like to begin. Have we heard from this paper, for example.

Global News | International News from Around the World

I must say that what this organization has today on Haiti is disappointing. There are lots of people in the US and accessible in other countries who know Haiti extremely well, and many of whom are Haitians themselves. Where is the perspective here that helps a "visitor" understand the tragedy of the earthquake in a Haitian context. As one person associated with GlobalPost once put it to me in another context, the lead story on how "your donation could hurt" is "not helpful.".

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is pretty neat. I have not seen other newspapers offering this.....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Twitter vs. Terror - By Richard Lugar" - Foreign Policy

"Driven to Distraction - Despite Risks, Carmakers Integrate the Web With the Dash" - Series -

What a scary prospect... Imagine all of the lives that will be lost as a result of driver distraction. That's far too high a price to pay for the convenience, as some see it to be.