Monday, October 31, 2011

"Unesco Approves Full Membership for Palestinians" -

I am delighted to be writing this from one of the countries that voted in favor of this, France. The US no vote is reflection mostly of special interests and a warped sense of fairness.

"As News Animations Go Mainstream, Taiwanese Pioneers Try Playing It Straight" -

I sure think animation is going to be a more critical part of news reporting in the future. Which newspaper uses animation most often? Think hard!

"Far From a New Dawn in Europe" -

Alas, he is right, I believe.

"Beyond Occupy" -

Yet one more example of that "learn from other countries" idea noted below.

"Deutsche Post Reinvents Services in a Digital World" -

What a great example of how we can learn from what others do.

Frustrations - Singapore Media Development event

I tried to see a list of all events for the next year and only get the first one to display.

Frustrations - and FB

So I click the button that says "Log In With Facebook" and I get "error".

"Flat Taxes and Angry Voters" -

I think we would make the debate so much better informed if we enabled people to better understand how different ideas play out in other countries. Consider taxes and France, for example. How about a profile of a manager in a retail business in France compared to one in the US. How much does each earn, but then how does it all work out in the family in terms of taxes and spending? With all of the time I have spent in France and with French people, I am still a little confused. In order to work, I think, this needs to be a year in the life sort of thing. But, of course, it has to be condensed into something that is animated, illustrated and clear.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

"New Show Steps Up Product Placement" -

Will we ever see this in the "entertainment" pages of newspapers? If it arrives there, can news be far behind for many publications? Don't think The New York Times; rather, imagine a small, struggling local or regional newspaper that has lost its classifieds and other advertisers.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The future of newspapers?

I signed up for a bunch of "deals" offers by various newspapers in a couple of countries and some number of cities. It's not something that I open regularly, but when I do I usually find something like this and wonder if this is the future of newspapers?

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Bonuses Worthy of Protest for Gannett and Tribune Executives" -

These people are no longer worth a small fraction of what they are paid. There are brighter and better peopel who could do these jobs for 10% of the salaries and bonuses and maybe even achieve better results. Why don't they get the offers?

"Seven Billion" -

How do we get our collective arms around 7,000,000,000 people?

"Economists See More Jobs for Machines, Not People" -

This sure looks like it is worth a scary read.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"New online Lowe's service is all about customer loyalty" - Local/State -

Why aren't newspapers offering this for much more of our lives?

"For Rhode Island, the Pension Crisis Is Now" -

So, Rhode Island's population is a little over 1 million. How do we calculate - or where do we find its GDP? Why? Because it would be interesting to compare it with Greece with a population of nearly 11.5 million and a GDP of about (changing target for sure) 300 billion USD. How do they compare, being at the small and suffering end of their respective communities - the US and EU?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Where Islam and democracy meet, uneasily" - David Rohde

A useful view of Turkey.

Catalogue du 26 au 31 Octobre 2011

What's the difference between this and a newspaper? It's not a trick question.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I posted this on Facebook earlier in response to a post from an old friend:
"Well, the crisis here in Europe may or may not be the result of Wall Street or other US actions, or even banks in both places. What it has become is more clear ant it is a Europe-wide self-analysis of all of the elements of the European Union. Everything about Europe is coming into question as the differences between north and south, for example or between west and the new members in the east become more important than ever. European versions of real estate crises, and market deflations combined with inflation, and the shock of sudden change forced by someone in Brussels or in some combination of France and Germany is just overwhelming millions of people in ways that are only suggested by what we see in the US. The Financial Times calculated that the Greek austerity plan – on average – is costing each household in Greece 14% of its income, double what the Irish are losing. Meanwhile there are dramatic differences between the French and German positions, and one hopes they get resolved before the G20 meeting near here in coming weeks. I think the chances of the EU staying together as it now is constituted are 50-50 at best. Leaders here are going to fall fast, I think, and what follows is anybody’s guess. President SARKOZY now (as of yesterday) polls 23% of the votes in next March’s presidential election, only 4% more than the extreme right candidate of the National Front. BERLUSCONI hangs on by a thin spaghetti strand, Ireland has already dumped its government, others are in flux, too. The only happy news here in a week has been the birth of a daughter – Julia - to SARKOZY and his wife, Carla BRUNI while he was trying to work out an agreement with MERKEL in Germany."

"Google+ va autoriser l'utilisation des pseudonymes" - Le Monde

If I understsand correctly what Google has said, it is one of the worst decisions that I think the company has ever made.

"Bus Segregation of Jewish Women Prompts Review" -

This should not happen on public transportation in the US no matter what religion is involved. Period.

"Euro, Meant to Unite Europe, Seems to Be Dividing It" -

Alas, if anything, I think this understates the crisis. It is so fundamental as to be possibly insurmountable. And if not resolvable, then what? I have no clear idea.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Murdochs’ Infighting Clouds Future of News Corp" -

This may be a good time to reflect a little on "modern management" v. "family control". That reflection ought to start with the realization that neither is better than the other, but that the media "family controled" firms are few and far between and so the future is likely to be much more of the former and little or none of the latter. That is to say - this is a story we may never see again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

"Five Point Snacks Takes a Stand" -

I am surprised that more products did not start doing this sort of thing a long time ago for all sorts of causes.

"Limbaugh Defends Lord's Resistance Army" -

To label Rush LIMBAUGH an ass is to lavish too much praise upon him.

"A Hostage-Taker Calls, and a French News Blog Begins Tweeting" -

Most reporters are running huge risks in acting on anything that comes to them over a social network.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

"Bahraini Medics Seek Probe Of Prison Sentences" - NPR

I expect our President to speak out against this punishment. Where is his statement? What are his actions? If this is not a no-brainer - i.e., speak out - I don't know what is. Please, show us what we thought you were, Mr. President!

"With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Crucial Climate Protectors" -

I'd sure like to understand this from a North Carolina perspective, and then take that understanding more global. The world looks different depending on where you look at it.